Chrissy Ferraraccio

Chrissy is a Rochester native, she got her start in the band scene in 2005, when she joined her brother-in-law’s band, East Coast Connection. She owes her growth in performing greatly to Frank and thanks him for his guidance and wisdom. Chrissy’s musical influences are the likes of Stevie Nicks, Reba McIntyre, The Eagles & The Doobie Brothers. Chrissy and her husband Paul have 4 kids between the two of them, and can be found at their family’s camp (weather permitting!). When she isn’t jammin’ with the Dawgs, Chrissy is can most likely be found working at a local credit union, one she’s been with for over 23 years.  “I’m honored to be able to help this great group of musicians raise awareness and funds for great cauz’s! Dawgs Up!”

Lou Germano

Lou first started playing guitar around age 10. With Eddie Van Halen as his guitar hero, he began learning solo techniques and it became obvious, even at that young age, he had incredible talent as he quickly mastered his instrument. He formed a band with his brothers and Uncle and within a few years, Lou started writing songs. He went on to play in a number of other local bands until re-forming with his brothers once again. Lou is one of the original DAWGS, helping to start the band in 2014.

Duane Draper

Duane picked up his first sticks when he was around four but didn’t really start practicing on the set until about 12. He took a break from playing to serve our Country in the Air Force but got right back on the kit upon his return. His main influences include 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock, Grunge and Modern Country with drummers such as Alex Van Halen, Dave Grohl and Tommy Lee. His previous experiences includes stints with multiple regional bands and as a member of Mayberry After Midnight. Duane joined the Dawgs in 2019.

Matt Roesch

A native of Middletown NY, Matt received Music Ed and Piano Performance degrees from SUNY Fredonia and recently retired after 32 years of teaching. Matt has been a member of several well-known regional bands. His musical influences include Billy Joel, Elton John and Roy Bitton. He lives in East Rochester with his wife and their dog Paddy. When not performing with the DAWGS, Matt can be found playing keyboards for High School musicals. He has 3 beautiful daughters, a  granddaughter who is the apple of his eye and one on the way! He is excited to be a DAWG! 

Steve Ball

Steve has been playing bass for many years but really didn’t start focusing on the instrument until he helped to form the DAWGS. He began by playing Punk and New Wave in the early 80’s and moved onto Hard Rock cover bands in the late 80’s before taking a break from playing (for several decades!). His influences include James Jamerson, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones and Mark Terranova. Steve helped to form The DAWGS in 2014. 

Once a DAWG, always a DAWG....

Al Germano

Caryn Feinstein